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Put Nutrients Back Into Your Soil

Learn more about our fertilization services in Jackson, Ann Arbor or Grass Lake Charter Township, MI

Sometimes watering and mowing isn't enough. If your plants and lawn lack the proper nutrients, it prevents future growth and discoloration to your yard. Brothers Outdoor World knows the right percentage of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus that will restore your lawn to its former glory. We provide fertilization services in Jackson, Ann Arbor, & Grass Lake Charter Township, MI and the surrounding areas.

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Do I need to fertilize my lawn?

Over time, your grass will absorb the nutrients naturally found in soil. However, these vital nutrients that your grass needs will eventually run out. Here are the tell-tale signs your grass is in need of fertilization services:

  • Discolored grass - Are the blades of your grass looking slightly yellow? This is a sign your grass is lacking the proper nutrients it needs to be healthy, green, and vibrant.
  • Minimal growth - Has your grass been the same length for an extended period of time? Without the right nutrition, this prevents your lawn from growing.
  • Fungus growth - Notice mushrooms throughout your yard? Nutrient deficiency can make your grass prone to lawn diseases.



Call 517-768-7400 for more information on our fertilization services. Turn to Brothers Outdoor World in Jackson, Ann Arbor, & Grass Lake Charter Township, MI for all of your fertilization and lawn care needs.